Vizimation Incorporated is a 21st century software technology company located near Silicon Valley, California. Vizimation is focused on developing and installing unique Vision based solutions for business and industrial problems. Vizimation has installed a number of systems for the Metal industry which benefits the client for checking dimensional tolerance and thermal imbalance, Inspection and Yield Improvement.

All Vizimation systems are primarily software based with limited amount of hardware. Only standard, off-the-shelf hardware is used.

The high profile technical team of Vizimation consists of experts in CCD camera technology, Physics, Optics, Lasers, software development and most importantly application specific knowledge. The Research & Development team of Vizimation has already made significant progress on diverse projects such as utilizing same technology in General industry and developing analytical tool for analysis of Medical Images and creation of Electronic Medical Records.

Vision System for Metal Industry

Medical Imaging & Electronic
Medical Recording

Vision System for General Industry

Vision based Measurement and Inspection system for Hot Strip mill, Plate Mill and Bar and Rod Mill.


Analysis of Medical images and converting Medical records into soft copy.


Vision based Inspection system for lamp manufacturing, Glass and Bottle manufacturing, Solar panel manufacturing and Winery.

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