About Us

The core competence of Vizimation is in developing and implementing CCD Camera based Vision systems for specific problems in industry and business scenario.

We specialize in those solutions which are not readily available in the market place. Some time, on customer request, we get involved in improving performance and features of an existing solution there by designing a complete new solution.

While designing system, our team visits customer site to understand customer problem, study the process and discuss with customer.

After reviewing all customer inputs, we come up with a plan of action which is presented to customer. The customer is clearly told what all can be expect and possible limitations.

Primarily these solutions are software based with CCD camera and optics.

Vizimation also provides engineering and consulting services in Metal, Alternative energy and Business processes.


In early 2000, the Port Talbot facility of CORUS, U.K. wanted to develop a specific solution to track “yield loss” in a hot strip mill. This being a non-standard requirement, CORUS approached Vizimation to develop a solution specific to their requirement. Vizimation successfully executed the project and created the first Yield Loss Tracking System, a software tool for steel mills. The success of this project led Vizimation to win some more projects in CORUS, U. K.

This was the beginning of the journey……

While designing any new system our team visits the customer to observe the process and gain a full understanding of the customers needs. After reviewing all the customer inputs, Vizimation team come up with a plan of action which is then presented to the customer before execution.

We specialize in finding solutions by pushing ahead with our development ideas and selecting the very best technologies to support our platform.


  1. Thermal Imaging of Transfer Bar, Slab or Strip, Thermal Wedge, Thermal Crown
  2. Crop Optimization System including Crop Imaging and Crop Shear Control system,
  3. Stereoscopic Width Measurement of Transfer Bar and Strip and Plate
  4. Laser based Width and Length measurement of Slab,
  5. Plate Plan View Mapping System
  6. Process Monitoring System
  7. Yield Loss Tracking System
  8. Bar Diameter Measurement System

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